Our Systems

AW International’s systems are designed with core principles in mind

  • Adaptable & scalable

  • Cost-effective

  • Environmentally responsible

  • Technologically smart

Designed to be the solution.


Our Solar-powered Systems


Our systems’ benefits defined.


Our units produce fresh clean drinking water anywhere; at home, the office, or remote locations

Reliable filtration

Water produced by our systems are free of impurities, such as air pollution and metal oxide contamination


You know you can trust your own AW water. No chemicals or pollutants


Inexpensive to operate; simple to maintain, built to endure daily use


Dehumidifies the home, office or factory building preventing dry-rot, mould & mildew

Bio-hazard free

AW International systems do not have all the contaminants and pharmaceuticals found in the groundwater and eventually, your tap water.


Frequently Asked Questions

Atmospheric water generation is a technology-based process used to condense water from the air, then capture and filter that moisture into drinkable water.

AW International’s technology will produce clean water effectively and economically from the air with humidity as low as 50%. This technology demonstrates cost savings and other notable advantages compared to desalination. Optimal water generation depends on average temperature and relative humidity. Higher humidity and temperature conditions improve the cost-effectiveness of producing clean water.

AW International’s systems collect water from humidity in the atmosphere. This air is chilled to the “dew point” and the moisture is condensed onto stainless steel or specially coated coils, then channeled through advanced filtering chambers to provide a reliable source of clean drinking water. This technology enables significant amounts of water to be extracted from the air and purified efficiently at a relatively low cost per liter or gallon.

The water produced by AW International’s systems is free of impurities, such as air pollution and metal oxide contamination. The advanced filtering process works all day and night, non-stop, maintaining an optimal level of purification.

Water filtered with AW International’s technology has low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids, which is the amount of all inorganic and organic substances in the water).


Refined engineering and technology. A cost-effective process.